Millions of Americans share their beds with pets every year, and nobody can deny that the sleeping with pets in the bedextra comfort is welcome. But is sharing your bed with a cat or dog good for your health and sleep cycle? If you’re sleeping beside your pet, it’s important to consider your animal’s health and comfort and how they may affect your well-being. At the Mattress Factory, our experts are committed to ensuring the most safe, refreshing rest for our customers. Some things you should keep in mind when allowing pets in bed include:

  • Are You Healthy?
Have you just had surgery, or perhaps you struggle with chronic insomnia? If so, it’s probably best to postpone sleeping beside your pet until you’re completely healthy. Make sure your pet isn’t contributing to your sleep problems, for example, by moving around and waking you up. Memory foam mattresses can help by reducing shock so if your pet shifts or gets up during the night you won’t feel it.
  • Is Your Pet Healthy?
Most experts agree that if your pet is healthy and has the appropriate vaccines and check-ups, allowing him or her in bed is not a health risk.
  • Are You Both Comfortable?
The problem may not be you or your pet, but your old, uncomfortable mattress. Choose a mattress that’s supportive for any size user and conforms to major pressure points. Tempur-Cloud Collection mattresses are ideal for restful sleep and offer customized support based on weight and body temperature. Both you and your pet will be comfortable!

The Mattress Factory is committed to improving the comfort of you and your pet! Contact us today to learn more about our premium mattresses, including our supportive Tempur-Pedic mattresses. Your best rest ever is just one phone call away!


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