TEMPUR-Pedic Mattresses

TEMPUR-Cloud® Collection

When it comes to mattresses that are pillowy-soft, there's TEMPUR-Pedic Cloud™ Collection. As the saying goes, when you're on the TEMPUR-Pedic Cloud™, you feel like you're "sleeping on a cloud". The TEMPUR-Pedic Cloud™ Collection delivers the ideal combination of softness and support for perfectly relaxing sleep. A Tempur-Pedic Cloud mattress will conform to your body while minimizing pressure points. This will result in reduced tossing and turning and a better sleep. The mattress' optimal air flow and breathability will respond to your body for more comfort. The Tempur-Pedic Cloud will return to its original shape time after time, guaranteeing years of use.

Mattress Features:

  • Medium-soft to soft feels
  • TEMPUR-ES™ material gently conforms to your body for pillow top comfort
  • Reduces pressure points for less tossing and turning resulting in a more relaxing sleep
  • Dust-mite and allergen resistant
  • Compatible with Ergo adjustable bases
  • TEMPUR-Pedic support responds to your body temperature and weight for customized alignment and restful sleep

TEMPUR-Simplicity Collection

Simple may be in the name of this mattress collection, but the design is complex by far, with the contouring support only Tempur-Pedic® can deliver. It's affordable - costing the consumer hundreds less than other Tempur-Pedic® collections - making this mattress collection simple for everyone to afford. The only difficult decision you will have to make during this purchase is choosing between the soft, medium or firm feel. The TEMPUR-Simplicity™ Collection also comes with a full 10 year warranty.

Mattress Features:

  • Soft to firm feels
  • TEMPUR-Essential™ comfort layer with contouring support
  • Reduced pressure points for more comfortable sleeping
  • Motion absorption, so you won't be disturbed by your partner
  • Breathable, removable, washable knit cover
  • Full 10 year warranty

TEMPUR-Contour Collection

TEMPUR-pedic's firm mattresses are now even better, offering the firmest feel of all TEMPUR-pedic collections. TEMPUR-Contour mattresses are receving rave reviews from testers who are reveling in the firm feel, contouring support and balance between the two only seen in TEMPUR-Contour mattresses. The TEMPUR material contours to your body, relieving pressure points and positing your body in an ideal position for sleep. On a TEMPUR-Contour mattress, you awake feeling refreshed and relaxed. Like all TEMPUR-pedic mattresses, the Contour collection is designed for years and years of supreme performance and use.

Mattress Features:

  • Firmest feel
  • TEMPUR material conforms to body for a customized sleep
  • Reduces pressure on joints and pressure points
  • Offers a more relaxing sleep
  • Tailor-fit support that responds to body heat and weight
  • Luxurious new cover material

TEMPUR-Choice Collection

The TEMPUR-Choice™ mattress offers several zones of adjustable comfort to create a completely customized sleeping experience that leaves you fully rested. Each night's sleep on the TEMPUR-Choice™ is unique to your sleep preferences. It is designed with TEMPUR-Feel™ to lightly conform to the contours of your body for pressure point relief. You will be gently supported by the TEMPUR-Choice™ Multi-Zone material support layer. Adjustable comfort zones under your head and legs along with addition support for you lower back come together to create a serene sleeping environment.

Mattress Features:

  • Comfort Layer - The TEMPUR-ES material works to offer you a unique, customized sleeping surface that lightly conforms to the shape of your body.
  • Support Layer - Not only does the mattress adjust to the level of comfort you want, but it also adjusts to properly support your body.
  • Base Layer - The TEMPUR-Choice™ multi-zone support layer offers further support and comfort so you awaken refreshed.
  • Adjustable Foundation - The TEMPUR-Choice™ Collection is compatible with the Ergo Basic and Ergo Premier bases.

TEMPUR-Weightless Collection

The TEMPUR-Weightless mattress allows you to feel like you are floating on top for a serene sleeping experience. Each night spent on the TEMPUR-Weightless is revitalizing and refreshing. Instead of enveloping you in layers of body-conforming foam, this mattress supports you on the surface through a unique weightless bounce design. Each mattress is built using TEMPUR-Feel™ technology that lightly conforms to your body for pressure point relief and improved sleep posture.

Mattress Features:

  • Comfort Layer - A thick comfort layer is designed to provide you with a comfortable, floating feeling all through the night.
  • Support Layer - Our TEMPUR-Float technology offers you the back support you need with the comfort you want for a restful night's sleep.
  • Flat or Adjustable Foundation - The Microseude Foundation utilizes a superior nail-free design and durable MDF boards to enhance your sleep experience.