The Mattress Factory Blog: August 2012

Working for The Mattress Factory!

Posted by: Ara Panossian - Store Manager in Springfield, PA In the ultra competitive mattress retail industry, very few retailers truly set themselves apart from the rest. While most companies talk the talk, very few can walk the walk, which is what impressed me the most about The Mattress Factory...

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Who makes the best mattress?

The Insiders Mattress Blog In the mattress industry every manufacturer claims that they make the best mattress! How can that be? The fact of the matter is they all make many different products that vary from low to high in both price and quality. The top companies have large divisions for resear...

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What is the best mattress?

Many people ask us, what is the best mattress or how do mattresses rate? The only acceptable answer should be…. the mattress that you like the best, period! As professionals, who have spent 40 plus years solving our guest sleep issues we are concerned that many sales people have only one answer,...

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