Posted by: Ara Panossian - Store Manager in Springfield, PA

In the ultra competitive mattress retail industry, very few retailers truly set themselves apart from the rest. While most companies talk the talk, very few can walk the walk, which is what impressed me the most about The Mattress Factory.

The Mattress Factory is family owned and operated and has been involved in the mattress industry for over 60 years. The owners were the original founders of Nationwide Discount Sleep Centers a 55-store chain and the Tri-State area has been the home to this company since it’s beginning.

The Mattress Factory’s focus has always been about providing exceptional values at all price points. Our main goal is to make sure every guest receives top-notch service from start to finish with every purchase.

Our ownership works very hard behind the scenes with the manufacturers to ensure the products displayed in our showrooms reflect the absolute best value from each brand at every price level.

I have worked for a few other mattress companies during my career but this experience has been by far the best. It is nice knowing that I don’t have to push my customers in one direction or another because of commission. In another major chain that I worked before starting with the Mattress Factory there were actually models that I would get a negative commission when selling. How could I do what as best for my customer when I would actually lose money making the sale on a certain model? Now I am free to sell whatever mattress is right for my customer without thinking about how much I will make or lose on a particular model.

To say the Mattress Factory’s ownership is in touch with it’s sales force and customer base would be an understatement due to the fact everyone from the owner, general manager and the president of the company works on the sales floor interacting with customer on a daily basis.

I have enjoyed my experience with the Mattress Factory and I am sure you will too!

Sincerely, Ara Panossian

Springfield, Pa Manager