Beautyrest Daydreams Mattresses

It all started with our introduction of the World's Premier Sleep System: Beautyrest® Pocketed Coil® springs which move individually to support the natural shape of your body, and diffuse movement for a peaceful, undisturbed rest. Since then, Beautyrest has led the way in introducing a wide range of advancements that help you sleep your best — so you can Be More Awake™.

Mattress Features:

  • World's Premier Support System - 800 Series Pocketed Coil® Technology
  • Keep Your Mattress Fresh and Cool - Dualcool™ Technology
  • Pressure Relieving Comfort - Geltouch® Foam / Gel Memory Foam Lumbar Support

Beautyrest Silver Mattresses

Beautyrest® Silver™ mattresses provide elevated comfort, temperature management and restoring support support technologies to help you sleep soundly so you wake refreshed to face each new day. The etymology of the Beautyrest® Silver™ name comes from the mattress fibers that are enhanced with silver to prevent growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.

Mattress Features:

  • DualCool™ Technology Fiber - Soft fiber enhanced with silver to prevent growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.
  • GelTouch® Foam - Provides soothing comfort and surface contouring / conform-ability.
  • Comfort Foams - Airfeel® and AirCool® foams promote airflow through the mattress.
  • AirCool® Gel Memory Foam - Provides comfortable sleep temperature, freedom of movement and pressure relief.
  • BackCare® Support - Level 2 mattress models provide more contouring back support with an additional 490 coils.
  • Beautyrest® Pocketed Coil® Technology - Individually wrapped coils that adjust independently for each sleep partner.

Beautyrest Platinum Mattresses

Beautyrest® Platinum™ provides an optimized sleep experience with a unique combination of the latest advancements in Pocketed Coil® Technology, memory foam and sleep climate control. The hundreds of individually wrapped coils in the Beautyrest Pocketed Coil® system provide body contouring, conforming back support and motion separation. The InfiniCool™ Surface of the bed dissipates body heat to keep you cool while you sleep. A combination of premier Beautyrest foams work together to provide freedom of movement, pressure point relief and overall comfort.

Mattress Features:

  • TOTAL TEMPERATURE CONTROL -- The fiber layer is also enhanced with cooling materials (InfiniCool™ Surface) helps to move heat directly away from the body up to 20% better than previous models. A fiber layer enhanced with ActivPur™ antimicrobial technology prevents odor-causing bacteria to help keep your bed fresh.
  • Beautyrest® Gel Memory Foam –- A unique material with an open-cell structure, encouraging better airflow.
  • INTUITIVE SUPPORT -- 1,000 Density Pocketed Coil® Technology offers enhanced conformability and motion separation with its ultra-responsive, individually wrapped coils.

Beautyrest Hybrid Mattresses

Beautyrest Hybrid mattresses are the next generation of our advanced sleep system. They deliver optimal contouring support of our Beautyrest Pocketed Coil® Technology with the comfort of memory foam. Beautyrest® Hybrid mattresses bring these exceptional technologies together into a single system, providing an energizing sleep experience.

Mattress Features:

  • Memory Foam Comfort - Our advanced memory foam technologies, paired with our Evenloft™ cover, work together all night for ultimate conforming support and comfort.
  • Temperature Management - Sleep comfortably all night long thanks to the advanced temperature management technology at work in the top memory foam layers.
  • Conforming Back Support - Hundreds of individually wrapped coils adjust independently to the weight and contour of the body for conforming back support, exceptional motion separation, excellent durability, and a noticeably responsive feel unlike any other mattress.

Beautyrest Black Mattresses

The Beautyrest Black® mattress line is designed with you and your needs in mind. Every distinctive aspect of our mattresses adds to their elegance and luxury. With a fusion of the latest in mattress technology, the Beautyrest Black® line allows you freedom of movement and independent support while still keeping you at a cool, comfortable temperature all night long. These mattresses feature top-of-the-line materials to enhance your satisfaction and provide you with an unforgettable experience. Our Beautyrest Black® mattress line is unmatched by any other mattress.

Mattress Features:

  • Beautyrest® Advanced Pocket Coil Technology - Conforming support and pressure relief is provided to back during sleep.
  • SurfaceCool™ Plus Fiber
  • Located at the surface of the bed this layer of vertically oriented fibers is designed to dissipate body heat
  • away from the sleeping surface.
  • Micro Diamond™ Memory Foam - Select models contain this foam which helps move heat away from the body for cool, comfortable sleep.
  • Comfort Response™ Latex - In select models, the conformity of this layer of ventilated latex contours to your body for pressure relief.
  • BlackICE™ Memory Foam - Ideal sleep climate from breathable gel technology applied to Micro Diamond™ Memory Foam (select models).