If you’re looking into upgrading your mattress, you might feel a bit overwhelmed with the vast number of choices you have as a consumer. From waterbeds to air beds, pillow tops, and gel-filled products, among many others, there are many types and brands of mattresses to sort out while deciding. Choosing the best one means doing plenty of research before entering the mattress store and weighing your options carefully once you’re there.

In most cases, the most important characteristic of a mattress that customers are looking for is comfort. Comfort varies from person to person, which makes it almost impossible to base your choice on recommendation alone. Comfort is important. However, it shouldn’t be the only feature you consider when buying a new mattress. You’re also going to want to evaluate each option for longevity, durability, price, and other features to make the most intelligent decision.

It’s critical to note that advancements in technology have made today’s mattresses better than ever before, and the tried-and-true of the last decade may have been replaced by newer, better materials. Specifically, we’re talking about memory foam vs. spring-based mattresses. Both types have long been considered the traditional choices for mattresses, but one has surpassed the other in regard to comfort and value. In this article, your trusted experts from The Mattress Gallery are going over some of the benefits of memory foam vs. spring-based styles—to help you make the best decision you can about your upcoming mattress purchase.
What are Memory Foam and Spring-Based Mattresses?

The most common types of mattresses sold in the United States are spring-based mattresses or those that have springs or coils inside the mattress and the box spring. Chances are, this is the type of mattress you have now, or that you grew up with. Today’s spring mattresses come in many forms, and in general, the more springs or coils the mattress has, the higher quality it is. The coils or springs are usually protected by layers of padding for extra comfort.

Memory foam mattresses, on the other hand, are unique from spring-based mattress styles in a number of ways. While these have also been around for a while, they’re newer to the market than spring-based mattresses and have become exceedingly popular in the last decade or so. Memory foam mattresses are designed with several layers of thick material that molds around your body as you lay down. This type of mattress detects the areas of your body that need more support, adjusting to your unique size, shape, and weight for optimal comfort, pain relief, and discomfort.

Why Are Memory Foam Mattresses Superior to Spring-Based Models?

As we mentioned before, comfort is relative—and the mattress that’s most comfortable for you may or may not be as comfortable for others. That said, memory foam mattresses are widely considered to provide significant relief for aches, pains, and other bodily discomfort over traditional, spring-based models. In fact, more and more elderly people and those that suffer from chronic pain choose memory foam to alleviate their symptoms and to experience a better and more restful nights’ sleep.

Compared with spring-based models, the advantages of memory foam mattresses can seem even more pronounced. Spring-based models, while they are often more affordable than other types, tend to wear out and deteriorate much faster than memory foam. They also are known for providing much less weight support than other models, and the coils and springs can feel harder and more rigid than the soft, plush comfort of a memory foam mattress.

Of course, the value of your mattress will depend heavily on the quality of the materials, the brand, and other important factors. A cheaply made memory foam mattress won’t offer the same level of comfort or long-lasting durability that a higher quality innerspring mattress will, and vice versa.


Choosing a Memory Foam Mattress

It’s clear that not all mattresses are made alike. This is especially true with memory foam types, which can be made with superior materials or cheap, inferior ones. Look for high-density options (the denser the foam, the better), with plenty of layers piled over the memory foam. These can vary in materials, used, and can include latex foam, gel, and others. All in all, the layers should make up a height of more than 4-5 inches thick and should be no less than 5 pounds per cubic foot in density for maximum support. Another important measurement to consider is something called indent-load deflection, or ILD. This will determine how firm or how soft the bed is, and refers to the weight requirement necessary to indent the bed four inches. While this measurement should reflect your own unique preferences for support, top brand mattresses will generally have an ILD measurement of between 10 and 14 pounds.

Top brands include Beautyrest, Tempurpedic, and Serta iComfort, and will range on a scale from softest to firmest. Once you’ve established that the mattresses you’re inspecting are of higher quality, feel free to lay down and try them out to determine your preferences for softer or firmer mattress types.

Superior Brands and Affordable Prices on Best-Quality Mattresses in Philadelphia

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