Just like lifting weights builds stronger, more solid muscles, getting an ample amount of sleep – especially at a young age – is critical in the development of a healthy brain.

Proper sleep is arguably just as important as good nutrition – and although it may seem as though our children are sleeping the right amount every night, falling off a healthy, consistent path is easier than you think.

Parents who work long hours while also handling after-school activities and day-to-day commitments often times don’t realize just how easy it is to miss a nap, push back a bedtime, or wake the kids up a little bit earlier to stay on schedule. As responsible and reasonable adults, we don’t mean to do it, but it happens none-the-less.

Healthy sleep requires several things, including:

1. Actually getting enough sleep when you’re asleep.

2. Uninterrupted sleep, especially during your REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage.

3. Proper number of age-appropriate naps.

4. Sleep that’s in-line with your child’s biological rhythm, or their internal clock.

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