Do you feel groggy in the morning despite getting the “required” amount of sleep? It might Sleep apsbe because you’re waking up while you’re still in a deep sleep phase. Sleep is a complicated thing – sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s impacting your rest on any given day. Fortunately, if you have an iPhone or Android device, tracking your sleep is simple! Two apps that can be placed on your mattress that monitor your sleep cycles and can wake you at the perfect time are:

  • Sleep Cycle for iOS
This inexpensive $2 app tracks your sleep throughout the night using an accelerometer.  It works by monitoring your movements and determining when you’re in light REM or deep sleep. Not only will it wake you up at the right time (when you’re sleeping lightly), it will also allow you to chart your sleep over time, so you can discover how to improve your own sleep quality.
  • Android SleepBot
The SleepBot is free and like the Sleep Cycle, it wakes you up at the perfect time, but it also includes more analysis and a sleep debt calculation. What’s very useful is that SleepBot can silence your phone while you’re sleeping, so you won’t wake up if you get a call or text.

Sleep apps are inexpensive, helpful guides to help monitor your sleep cycles, but have you ever considered that your problem is your mattress? If you’re still tossing and turning, and don’t know the cause, a comfortable, supportive mattress may be the answer!

Your mattress is another key factor in getting a good nights sleep. Tempur-Pedic mattress in particular.  Tempur-Cloud Collection mattresses are soft and supportive, reducing the pressure on your joints. Resulting in reduced tossing and turning, a major factor in lost sleep.  You’ll wake up feeling refreshed, and your app reports will improve! At the Mattress Factory, providing you with the mattress necessary for a good night’s sleep is our primary concern. Contact us today for more information on our premium, affordable Tempur-Pedic Mattresses!


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