Your guest room should be comfortable and inviting, and a quality mattress is an important feature in any guest space. You want your company to feel at home and to find the guest room a pleasant place to relax. 

To achieve that, here are some things to consider when choosing a mattress for a guest room:

  • If space allows, choose a full or queen size bed rather than a twin. This allows you to comfortably accommodate couples who come to visit. 
  • Choose a mattress that is firm enough to provide back and joint support to guests who need it. 
  • In addition to support, you also want the mattress to be comfortable. Many of today’s mattresses offer the firmness you need with the addition of a pillow-top that provides added comfort.

You could go out and spend a fortune to outfit the bed, but that doesn’t make a lot of sense considering the mattresses in most guest rooms are only used occasionally. 

Fortunately, there are budget-friendly brands that provide the comfort your guests deserve at an affordable price. Examples include:


Prices Starting at $399

The line of Therapedic mattresses has many of the same features you’ll find on mattresses that cost $2000 or more. As with higher-cost brands, you’ll have your choice of firmness levels. Therapedic mattresses are available in plush, pillow top, an extra firm.

These mattresses feature:

  • Innerspring Units Encased by Foam
  • Heavy Duty Base Support System
  • Hour Glass Gel Support
  • 10-Year, Non-Prorated Warranty

Eclipse Chiropractors Care

Prices Starting at $140

Provide back support to your guests at a surprisingly affordable price with the Eclipse Chiropractors Care line. 

  • High Profile Innersprings
  • Ultra-Firm Chasen Support Pad
  • Side Bracer Edge Guards
  • Coil Gage of 13.75
  • Attractive Damask Cover
  • Non-Prorated Warranty

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