With all the talk about mattresses and what type of material is best, pillows are often left out of the conversation. Although it makes sense that mattresses get more attention, as they are much larger and cost significantly more, pillows are just as important when it comes to getting a good night's sleep. 

On average, pillows only last 18 months, but most people will use them much longer than that. If you find yourself constantly fluffing your pillow up, or folding it in half to get the support you want, it's probably time for a new one. However, it can be hard to know what the best type of pillow to buy is since there are so many options like gel, latex, foam, and down. 

All of these types have their pros and cons, and the pillow type you choose should be personalized to your needs. For a sturdier, more-firm feeling, latex pillows are a good option, as they provide a lot of support and won't squish down easily. Down pillows are great if you're looking for a super-soft pillow, but these are usually on the pricier side. Gel pillows and foam pillows are newer than the others and have a lot of similarities. 

It can be hard to make a decision between all the different types of pillows out there; below we've broken down gel and foam pillows to help you decide what type is best for you.

Pros of Gel Pillow

  • Provides a Cooler Night’s Sleep
  • Offers Great Support

Cons of Gel Pillow

  • Can be too Firm for Some
  • Can be Heavy and Difficult to Maneuver 

Pros of Foam Pillow

  • Provides Support and Comfort
  • Easy to Care for and Long Lasting

Cons of Foam Pillow

  • Traps Heat
  • Can Have a Chemical Smell

Don't Hesitate to Get a Better Pillow That Fits You

There are going to be drawbacks and benefits for any type of pillow you end up deciding on, but you should choose a pillow based on your individual needs. 

The Mattress Factory is one of many mattress companies that have a wide variety of brands and types of pillows for you to compare.  Like Malouf, which offers a foam pillow that is cooler and softer than many traditional foam pillows. They also offer a gel pillow that is specifically designed for side sleepers. 

The Mattress Factory makes sure you are getting the best brands, at the best price. Stop by to test out some of our best pillows today!