Buying a new mattress is one of the most important decisions you can make for your home. After all, our sleep quality is extremely important—and the right mattress is one of the most critical components to getting a great nights’ sleep on a regular basis.Apart from choosing the type of mattress to purchase, you’ll also need to decide on mattress size. Obviously, the bigger the bed, the higher the price tag—however, the decision you make should be based on several other factors as well. At The Mattress Factory, we specialize in mattresses of all kinds—from California King to Twin-sized models. In this article, we’ll help you understand the difference between these and other common mattress sizes to help you get one step closer to choosing the right one for you.

Preparing for Your Visit to the Mattress Store

For many people, the path towards the right mattress begins with a Google search for a “mattress company near me”. Once you arrive at the mattress store of your choice, however, you’re going to have to depend on the sales representative to inform you of the options you have for your new bedding. If you’re visiting a great mattress store, this is a perfectly good way to start your search—by just showing up. However, knowing more about your options before you arrive will help you understand your options and  how to evaluate the inventory your selected mattress store carries. 

A Quick Breakdown of Different Mattress Sizes

Here’s a quick guide to mattress size for your consideration. Remember, while the differences may seem small at first glance, they’re anything but when it comes to a good night’s sleep.


Twin-sized mattresses are designed for one-person and are the smallest mattress size excluding crib-sized mattresses. These generally run around 38″ wide by 75” long. A solid option to consider is the Silent Night mattress line when considering a twin size mattress. 


  • Generally affordable, but twin-sized mattresses do range in quality. Higher quality mattresses naturally cost more.

  • Great for young children graduating from a crib, teenagers, and small adults.

  • An excellent choice for those who have less available space.


  • Usually not long enough for average height to taller individuals.

  • Not ideal for two people who share a bed.

Twin XL

Extra-large twin-sized mattresses are the next larger sized mattress from a basic twin. While both are around 38” wide, the length of a Twin XL mattress is around 80”—about 5 inches larger than a twin-sized mattress. We recommend Premier mattress for XL Twin sizes for high-quality and comfort.


  • Cheaper than the larger mattresses.

  • Great for those too big for a twin, but not ready for a large mattress.

  • Takes up minimal space compared to larger sizes.


  • An upgrade to one of the larger sizes will still be needed in the future

  • Only fits one full-size adult (usually)

Full-Sized Mattresses

Full-size mattresses are a perfect compromise between the small twin mattresses and the large mattresses such as the Queen and King.


  • Not much room space needed

  • Allows a person to stretch out

  • Accommodates growing person

  • Usually cheaper than a Queen or King


  • Can be easily outgrown by teens (especially if they turn out tall)

  • Not suitable for more than one person on a regular basis

Queen-Sized Mattresses

Next to the King size mattresses; this is the largest size available—measuring in at 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, which is twice as wide as the twin mattress sizes. Most adults choose this size for its compromise between bed space and price.


  • Accommodates two full-size adults.

  • Rarely need a size upgrade.

  • Comfortable for up to two average-sized adults.


  • Some couples may prefer the additional space a King size mattress provides.

  • Does not accommodate “co-sleeping”, or couples with children and pets at the same time.

  • Lack of stretch room for couples.

King-Sized Mattresses

King-sized mattresses are considered the gold standard when it comes to spacious sleeping and comfort. King-sized mattresses measure around 76” wide and 80” long.


  • Nearly unmatched space enough for two adults along with kids and pets.

  • No size upgrade needed (usually).

  • Full range of prices and qualities available.


  • Won’t fit in smaller spaces. Small apartments or bedrooms are not always suitable for King-sized mattresses.

  • High costs can make this mattress size a turnoff.

California King

Second to custom beds personalized to larger measurements, the California King mattress is the largest mattress size available. This size is especially suited for taller people that measure longer than 80 inches tall, at 76” wide and 84” long.


  • A long length that makes it suitable for taller people or people with pets

  • Great for couples that enjoy their space when sleeping at night.

  • Ideal for those living in large bedrooms or spacious, open-concept studios or lofts.


  • Takes up a lot of bedroom space making for a cramped room in some cases.

  • Can sometimes be difficult to find appropriate sized bedding.

  • Appropriate-sized bedding is more expensive than for other models.

  • Most expensive mattress aside from custom-designed mattresses.

With over 60 years in the mattress industry, The Mattress Factory is proud to serve our customers with top-quality products and affordable, wholesale prices. Our family-run business is proud to have pioneered the factory direct sleep movement to provide furniture and mattress supplies to happy customers located all over the world. For more information about our products and services, feel free to reach us by giving us a call over the phone. Or, if you prefer, fill out our online form to have a representative get in touch with you with more details.