Back-to-school is a hectic time for many families—from purchasing last-minute school supplies to meeting new teachers to adjusting to a busier household routine. In the middle of these jam-packed days, however, there’s one thing you may not want to miss: your kid’s mattress!

Sound strange?

A new mattress may not be the first thing that springs to mind for back-to-school shopping…but it definitely does matter! A comfortable, well-designed mattress can have a lasting impact on your young student’s success.

Why Mattress Quality Matters for Your Student

A good mattress can make a big difference in your child’s sleep quality as well as other aspects of health and wellbeing:

  • Cognitive Abilities: Scientific research has proven time and time again that poor-quality sleep leads to daytime sleepiness in kids. Children who are tossing and turning all night simply can’t live up to their full potential in the classroom!

  • Allergies: For kids who have allergies to dust mites or mold, that old mattress can be one of the biggest triggers in the entire house. Even with a hypoallergenic cover, worn-out mattresses harbor huge amounts of allergens that can prevent restorative sleep.

  • Physical Health: Although most children don’t have to deal with back pain, choosing a high-quality mattress early on in life can set them up for better sleep habits and posture over the long term.

Recommended Options for Your Back-to-School Mattress 

Just like mattresses for adults, the best mattress for your school-aged child will depend on individual factors like bodyweight and preferred sleeping position. Regardless of the firmness level or individual features, however, picking a reputable mattress brand is always a good place to start.

A few high-quality brands include:

  • Beautyrest: This manufacturer is known for quality, with a variety of firmness levels, sizes, and cool mattress technologies available. Even the most affordable options provide consistent comfort.

  • Eclipse Chiropractors Care: This line of mattresses has been designed to provide healthy back support at a lower price, making them a great starter bed for young school-aged kids.

  • Restonic ComfortCare: Restonic mattresses use Marvelous Middle® and SuperEdge Plus™ technology to provide full-body support at every spot in the mattress. No matter how much your child rolls around, comfort will be there.

Still have mattress questions? 

Before you commit to a mattress for your young student, reach out to The Mattress Factory for some professional recommendations! Our team does not work on commission, so you’ll never get pushy mattress sale tactics—just honest, helpful advice.

Call us today to get all your questions answered. You can also contact us through our quick online form, and we’ll be in touch to help with your back-to-school mattress shopping.