For people who sleep hot, mattress-purchasing advice used to be pretty universal: stick with firm mattresses that prevent too much sinking. And the reasoning behind this advice was solid, as softer, plusher materials lead to more bodily contact and less air flow—which in turn leads to sweaty, sticky nights for many sleepers.

Fortunately, though, mattress technology has changed! 

Leading mattress companies now offer built-in cooling technology, giving sleepers much more choice in firmness and comfort without overheating under the covers. In this brief guide, we’re covering the benefits of cool mattress technology and a few highlights from top brands.

Why Purchase a Mattress with Cooling Technology?

While they’re not right for every sleeper, many people do find that cool mattresses make a big difference in terms of comfortable, restorative sleep. 

Here’s why you might want to consider a cool mattress:

  • Comfort: The primary benefit, of course, is nighttime coolness and comfort. You won’t have to constantly readjust your comforter to keep cool or risk waking up in a pile of sweat.

  • Breathability: The same air flow that keeps you cool will help your mattress breathe, which can prevent moisture build-up—and all the dust mites, mildew, bacteria, and other nastiness that often comes with it.

  • Versatility: For couples who have different sleeping styles, a cool mattress can provide a nice middle ground. The hot sleeper will stay more comfortable, and the cool sleeper can add blankets or extra cushioning as necessary.

What Are Mattress Companies Offering to Keep You Cool?

Nearly all of the biggest players in the mattress industry now offer their own line of cooling technology. While they go by many different names (even within the same company), these technologies are all designed to better regulate temperature, prevent body heat transfer, and wick away moisture as you sleep.

Some of the biggest mattress companies have a lot to offer!

Simmons Beautyrest

A leader among premium mattress design, Beautyrest’s mattress line has a number of cooling technologies available:

  • RightTemp™ Memory Foam – a contouring memory foam without the heat build-up of conventional designs

  • InfiniCool™ Plus – a multi-layered surface that stays cool to the touch

  • DualCool™ Fiber – a soft fiber that moves moisture and heat away from the mattress surface

  • AirCool® Foam – a channeled surface of foam or foam gel to encourage ventilation and cooling airflow

Serta iComfort

If you want cooling capabilities combined with adjustable base functionality, look for these features in Serta iComfort mattresses:

  • TempActiv™ Gel Memory Foam – absorbs body heat and dissipates it while staying breathable 

  • TempActiv™ Cool Touch Cover – a top layer of fabric with built-in cooling technology 

  • EverCool® Fuze Gel Memory Foam – conforming memory gel that prevents heat absorption

  • TempActiv™ Balance Fabric – provides high-performance heat regulation with a soft touch


Memory foam was once known to trap heat, but TEMPUR mattresses have kept up with the times and now come with next-generation cooling technologies:

  • PureCool™ Phase Change Material – innovative material that absorbs excess heat throughout the night

  • SmartClimate® Max Dual Cover – a zip-off cover that stays cool to the touch and snugly fit with a super-stretch inner layer

  • TEMPUR-CM™ – TEMPUR’s signature memory foam redesigned for more airflow and breathability

Among these well-known mattresses companies, the difference between cooling technologies often comes down to nothing more than personal preference. If you have questions about which cool mattress might be right for you, please contact The Mattress Factory today! 

We’d be happy to help you find your perfect mattress based on cooling technology, firmness, and comfort level. Our staff does not work on commission, so you can rest assured—no sales pressure, ever! Call us or fill out our online form to get started now.