You spend nearly a third of your life sleeping, so don’t you deserve a mattress that’s comfortable and conducive to healthy, restorative sleep? In this brief guide, we’re breaking down five of the most common mattress comfort levels to help you choose the perfect mattress sale option for you.

1. Extra Firm

Extra-firm mattresses are designed for heavy-duty support, with a dense material that retains its firm and even surface. By preventing your body from sinking down, extra-firm mattresses provide more bodily support and keep your back from curving while you sleep.

On the firmness scale (which runs from 1–10, corresponding from soft to firm), extra-firm mattresses usually rate a 9 or 10. Popular models include:

  • Eclipse Chiropractors Care 3000 Extra Firm

  • Therapedic Backsense Bentley Extra Firm

  • Serta Perfect Sleeper Elite Sedgewick II Extra Firm

  • Beautyrest Silver BRS Bold Extra Firm

Recommended for: Taller or Heavier-Bodyweight Sleepers, Stomach or Back Sleepers, Sleepers with Back Pain

2. Firm

Firm mattresses are not quite as “hard,” but they still provide little to no sinking for the sleeper. They offer many of the same benefits of extra-firm mattresses, but many sleepers find the slightly bouncier material to be more comfortable.

On the firmness scale, firm mattresses tend to rate a 7, 8, or 9. Popular models include:

  • TEMPUR-ProAdapt Firm 

  • Wellness Reflections Hybrid Firm

  • Simmons Beautyrest Platinum Beacon Hill Firm

  • Serta iComfort Blue 300CT Firm

Recommended for: Taller Sleepers, Higher-Bodyweight Sleepers, Stomach or Back Sleepers, Sleepers with Back Pain

3. Cushion Firm

Also called “medium firm” or “universal,” cushion-firm mattresses provide the support of a firm mattress but have extra padding for a more cushioned feel. Many sleepers find these mattresses to be comfortable and inviting, and they’re a good middle ground for the average sleeper.

On the firmness scale, cushion-firm mattresses most often fall between 5 and 7, though there are outliers at either end. Popular models include:

  • Serta iComfort Blue 100CT Gentle Firm

  • Beautyrest Silver BRS Bold Medium Euro Top

  • Eclipse Chiropractors Care 2000

  • Wellness Cascade Hybrid Luxury Firm

Recommended for: Side or Back Sleepers, Combination Sleepers, Average Sleepers, Couples

4. Plush

Also called “soft,” plush mattresses provide a good amount of sink and conform to the sleeper’s body. These mattresses offer that comfortable sinking feeling when you first crawl into bed, but they may not provide enough support for back/stomach sleepers or those who with a higher bodyweight.

On the firmness scale, plush mattresses most often fall between 1 and 4. Popular models include:

  • Restonic ComfortCare Alastair Plush

  • Serta Perfect Sleeper Kirkville II Plush

  • Wellness Vitality Hybrid Plush

  • Beautyrest Hybrid BRX3000-IM Ultra Plush

Recommended for: Side Sleepers, Lower-Bodyweight Sleepers

5. Pillow Top

Pillow-top mattresses offer some of the most luxurious sleeping experiences. Because these mattresses have additional cushioning or memory foam sewn in at the top, you can combine pillowy comfort with your choice of mattress firmness below. Pillow-tops also come in cooling materials for people who sleep hot but still want that light, plush, sinking feeling.

Pillow-top mattresses do not necessarily fall into any particular range of the 1–10 scale, as you can see by these popular models:

  • Wellness Retreat Hybrid Luxury Firm (8 out of 10)

  • Serta Blue Fusion 1000 Luxury Firm Pillow Top (7 out of 10)

  • Beautyrest Silver BRS (C) Bold Plush Pillow Top Mattress (2 out of 10)

  • Eclipse Chiropractors Care 5000 Euro Pillow Top (4 out of 10)

Recommended for: All Sleepers

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