Did you know that chronic back, neck and shoulder pain is often attributed to poor sleep habits? So are headaches, fatigue and a general sense of malaise. If a solid and peaceful night's sleep sounds good to you, we recommend checking out the Serta iSeries mattress at The Mattress Factory.

Once you've had a few good nights of healthy sleep, you'll be amazed at how much younger, energized and ache-free you can feel. The key is to find the right mattress for your sleeping habits.serta iseries mattress The Serta iSeries Mattress is Your Ticket to a Peaceful Night's Sleep!

The new iSeries mattresses from Serta are available The Mattress Factory we have locations all over the Metro Philadelphia and New Jersey areas. These mattresses are uniquely designed for your comfort. The iSeries mattress features include:

The best of both worlds. Can't decide between memory foam and more traditional mattress materials? The iSeries mattresses combine the contouring benefits of gel-infused memory foam with the support of individually pocketed coils so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Temperature control. Much of your sleep inhibiting tossing and turning can be attributed to poor heat distribution. Your body has to continually move, shed bed coverings or rearrange bed coverings to maintain a comfortable temperature. The Cool Action ™ Dual Effects Gel Memory Foam system will keep your body at a more ideal and consistent sleeping temperature all night long. Motion-sensitive coils. The Serta iSeries mattress was designed with individually pocketed Duet® coils that shift the second your body lies down or moves during the night. When paired with the gel-infused memory foam, your mattress will adapt to your body's unique contours - even when you're on your side - and will minimize the motion of your bed mate so their movement doesn't disturb your precious sleep.

Interested in learning more about the Serta iSeries mattress or any other Serta mattress? Visit a local Mattress Factory store and give the mattress a try.

Our staff doesn't work on commission so you can be sure the answers they provide are 100% in your best interest. We offer free mattress delivery and removal, and we can deliver new iSeries mattresses anywhere in the nation. Contact us to learn more.


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