Are you waking up with neck and back pain, or do you never feel rested despite getting sleep positionseight hours of sleep? Your sleep position may be to blame! Most people sleep on their back, side, or stomach, and gravitate towards the position that feels most comfortable. In every case, it’s important to make sure your sleep position supports your spine and your body’s natural curves. The Beautyrest Black mattress has Independent Support™ Technology that’s great at providing personalized support for a deep, comfortable sleep. Some pros and cons of common sleep positions include:

  • Back
Back sleeping is best for spinal support and reducing back pain, but it’s not so great for sleep apnea and snoring because it constricts the airway.
  • Side
Side sleepers will benefit from less snoring, acid reflux, and an improvement in heartburn symptoms. It’s the ideal sleeping position for pregnancy, but can result in wrinkles from having your face against the pillow for hours at a time. Your arm and side may also be tingly and numb after supporting your weight all night.
  • Stomach
For most health conditions, especially back pain, stomach sleeping is regarded to be the worst. It puts additional pressure on the muscles and joints, but can reduce chronic snoring.

If you’ve kept the same sleep position for years, and aren’t suffering from any health problems, most experts agree that it’s fine to do what comes naturally! But if you suffer from chronic discomfort, your mattress may be to blame. An old mattress can sag in the center, making comfortable side and stomach sleeping impossible. At the Mattress Factory, helping you find refreshing sleep is our top priority! Call today for more information on our inventory of Beautyrest Black mattresses and other supportive premium beds.


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