You’ve had a long day. It took forever to put the kids to bed, but finally you can relax. You’re kid on Beautyrest black mattress lying in bed enjoying the peace and serenity of a good night’s sleep when suddenly you’re being shaken and shoved awake. “Mommy, Daddy I can’t sweep.”

Whether it’s monsters under the bed or simply love and affection, as a parent eventually you’ll find yourself waking up with your kids buried under the covers of your Beautyrest black mattress—but is sleeping in your bed good or bad for your child?

In some cultures it is said that sleeping in the same bed will offer a child security and stability. On the flip side, it is said that not letting a child sleep alone will lead them to feel insecure and without the opportunity to form a unique identity. Some parents even believe that it leads a child to believe it’s okay to enter their own sanctuary—a place where there is rest, relaxation, and playtime is just for the adults.

But with all these different viewpoints, deciding what’s best for your children comes down to your own personal beliefs and values. Sleeping with mom or dad every once in a while isn’t going to drastically change a child’s life. It is up to you as a parent to determine when “often” is “too often”. Every parent wants to see their child succeed in life and, hey, maybe letting them enjoy the wonders of your Beautyrest Black Ansleigh Mattresses every once in a while might lead them down that path.


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