If you’ve bought a mattress recently, such as a Beautyrest Recharge pillow top mattress, beautyrest recharge mattressyou don’t need to flip it over completely like in the old days. Your mattress may still require some maintenance, however! The longer you sleep on your mattress, the more your body’s shape is imprinted into it. This reduces comfort and may damage your mattress over time. It’s recommended by most manufacturers that you rotate your mattress. At the Mattress Factory, ensuring lasting quality is our top concern! Some ways to tell when it’s time to rotate your mattress include:

  • It’s been three months or longer.
Most pillow top mattresses should be rotated every three months at least – even more often if your mattress is new. This will increase your comfort while sleeping and prevent permanent dips and valleys in the foam.
  • Your mattress is brand new.
If you’ve just bought a new one-sided mattress, rotating it several times a month for the first 90 days is helpful. After the first three months are over, you can switch to waiting a few months between each rotation.
  • Your mattress is getting uncomfortable.
It doesn’t mean that the mattress is wearing out -it might just need to be rotated! Rotating your mattress regularly is an easy way to ensure comfort and quality.

If your current mattress doesn’t provide enough support, consider the Sealy Optimum Desire mattress! This comfortable pillow top mattress conforms to your body’s shape. At the Mattress Factory, we want you to get the most for your money! Contact us today and let us help you find the perfect mattress for your best night’s sleep!


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