As anyone you ask will tell you, sleep is important! Your mattress is a major and often - Beautyrest Black Mattressoverlooked factor in your sleep quality. Purchasing the right mattress is important, but mattress maintenance is also essential in order to get the most out of your new mattress. At the Mattress Factory, we want your investment to pay off for many years to come. Follow these tips to keep your mattress feeling brand new: Flip your new mattress every few months – at least - Flipping your mattress reduces discomfort that can build over time. Not only will you extend the life of your mattress, your sleep quality will most likely improve. Use a mattress cover - A cover will keep your mattress clean and dry and will extend its life. Ideally, you should purchase a washable cover for easy use. Vacuum your mattress to remove dust - Not only does routine maintenance keep your mattress clean, it also prevents illness and allergic reactions. Don’t allow kids to jump on your mattress - Using your mattress as a trampoline will not only damage it internally, but it will also inevitably lead to injuries. Don’t remove the law tag - Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t illegal. But if you remove the tag, it’s highly unlikely that your warranty will hold up.

At the Mattress Factory, our main priorities are your sleep comfort and quality! Our luxury Beautyrest Black Mattress is easy to maintain and features the Recharge™ Sleep System, which boasts enhanced support, memory foam, and cooling technology. The Beautyrest Black Brooklyn and Beautyrest Black Abriana premium mattresses will leave you recharged for the next day! Don’t delay! Take the necessary steps to improve your sleep now!


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