Do you awaken every morning with a stiff back? Are you constantly tossing and turning through the night to get comfortable? Your mattress could be the root of all of your Beautyrest True Energy Mattressproblems.  It is crucial that your mattress, like TruEnergy mattresses, provides you with the right support and pressure point relief you need to sleep through the night and awaken feeling refreshed.  Three key things to look for when choosing a mattress that is most comfortable for you are:

Individual Preference.  Don’t fall prey to the advertising claims made on the tag.  Test out the mattress and ensure it is truly comfortable for you, and that it easily conforms to the shape of your body.

Extra Back Support. Many mattresses like Beautyrest TruEnergy mattresses are made with extra back support in the middle third of the mattress.  This offers you extra padding under your lower back where your body is heaviest for proper spinal alignment.

Balance.  Not only is it important to have support, but it is also important that you find an ideal balance between support and comfort.  Without a balance between the plush comfort and strong back support, you won’t be able to sleep comfortably.


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