Our second installment will relate to selecting a mattress for a small child 4 to 10 years old. This is a wide age range so weight should also be taken under consideration. This is the group where so many of our customers bring the child in and ask which one do they like, most children especially the younger ones don't have a clue or they look at the color or headboard or different size to decide, then the parents argue with them about their choice. Rule #1 if you don't want your child's input don't ask! LOL Basically many of the same rules apply from our last installment. You need at least 390 coils, a ten year non pro rated warranty, foam encasement because kids sit on the edge of the bed alot especially if they have video games in the room. Look for a mattress that is firm but with a plush top so that the end result is a medium feel. Remember the better quality beds cost a little more but last longer! Lastly always discourage your kids from jumping on any mattress or furniture, even a toddler of 30 pounds comes down on the balls of their feet with the downforce of 200 to 250 pounds, that rips the foam padding breaks the wires that tie the coils together and destroys foundations. Don't forget they could split their heads open too! Always buy a mattress protector to protect your investment.