Today's installment on the blog is multi-faceted, this is one of a few different situations we will plan for. The first is a toddler coming out of the crib, first and foremost if possible avoid the "TODDLER BED half step", this is where you convert the crib but still use it in the small size. Usually we will spend more in new sheets and blankets than we would spend on a new large bed! Unless there is not enough room for a twin or full size mattress please store or convert the crib! When our beloved little ones are small they need the best quality and support money can buy, because they grow in their sleep. if I had a dollar for every customer that started the process by stating "where is the cheapest mattress, it's only for my kid". I would be rich! For those of you whom this applies to, read on. You really don't need to select expensive mattresses for your kids, but a decent set of 300 to 500 in twin or 400 to 600 in full will offer at least 20 times better support and 50 times more durability, so it will last longer and be more healthful for your child. Always buy a mattress protector to protect your investment.