Stearns & Foster Signature Collection Mattresses

Hand-crafted from the finest materials possible, the Signature Collection mattresses from Stearns & Foster come with multiple climate-controlling feature and premium gel foam. You will also receive a cooling, OUTLAST-infused silk cover – creating the perfect mix of intelligent features and timeless looks.

Mattress Features:

  • PrimaCool™ Quilt: While the OUTLAST-infused covers provide natural cooling, the breathable silk and wool-woven layers of PrimaSense Gel Foam provide indulgent comfort.
  • S&F Signature™ Encased Coil: Minimize motion transfer throughout the night with individually wrapped titanium alloy coils.
  • PrimaVent™ System: Solid brass air vents: more airflow; more breathability; more cooling.
  • StabiLux™ Edge System: More sleeping space and a stable mattress edge for sitting.

Stearns & Foster Estate Collection Mattresses

The Stearns and Foster Estate Collection is comprised of hand-crafted mattresses made from the finest materials on earth. They come with climate control features and an extremely supportive innerspring system that make sleeping a luxurious experience. Moreover, our Estate Collection is made with premium gel foam and a cashmere cover infused with OUTLAST®, providing for a perfect mix of comfort and classic aesthetics.

Mattress Features:

  • PrimaCool™ Quilt: Advanced cooling technology coupled with breathable silk and wool-woven layers of PrimaSense™ Gel Foam for the ultimate in comfort.
  • IntelliCoil® Encased Coil: Designed to minimize motion transfer, IntelliCoil® features a coil-in-coil design that contours to your body providing comfortable support that yields a deep sleep.
  • PrimaVent™ System: Increased breathability and incredibly efficient cooling come from solid brass air vents that promote air flow.
  • StabiLux™ Edge System: This system increases sleeping space while also providing a stable mattress edge for sitting.

Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Collection Mattresses

Hand-crafted from the world’s finest materials, the Stearns and Foster Lux Estate Collection of mattresses will provide you with an unprecedented sleep experience. Each mattress is hand tufted, providing comfort and durability. Moreover, each mattress, with its climate controlling features, premium gel and latex foams, supportive innerspring system and OUTLAST-infused silk/cashmere cover, is likely the finest piece of technology you’ll ever rest on.

Mattress Features:

  • PrimaCool Quilt: Stay cool with this silk- and cashmere-infused covers with OUTLAST - Wool-woven around layers of PrimaSense Gel Foam - Naturally breathable silk
  • Hand Tufting: Made by hand for a responsive feel that lasts and lasts
  • IntelliCoil Encased Coil: Titanium allow coil-in-coil design - Minimal motion transfer thanks to individually encasement
  • PrimaVent System: Breathability and cooling to promote air flow via solid brass air vents
  • StabiluxEdge System: More sleeping space and a stable mattress edge for comfortable, safe sitting.