ReST Bed Mattresses
ReST Bed Mattresses

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About the ReST Bed Mattresses

The ReST Bedâ„¢ - Welcome to the Future of Sleep. ReST (Responsive Surface Technology) is a revolutionary design and technology that detects your position and automatically changes the feel of the bed in real time to provide the ultimate sleep experience. Three cutting-edge modes provide control for each of the 5 body zones (legs, hips, lumbar, shoulders, head) for each sleep partner.

Mattress Features:

  • Sleep Skin - Performance cooling fabric similar to athletic clothing material tops the mattress to ensure a temperate and refreshed sleep.
  • Comfort Layer - Gel-infused memory foam provides a pressure-relieving comfortable surface, that transports heat away from the body.
  • Smart Sensor - Scientifically designed anti-microbial knit blend fabric form % 1000 data point grid per side of the bed that delivers pressure data to the air pump and connected APP.
  • Air Chambers - Five individual medical-grade polyurethane air chambers provide individual pressure to the different body zones.
  • Rest Bed APP - Control your sleep experience from our cloud-based phone APP.