Decided to stop into the Montgomeryville store to purchase a mattress. They had a large selection to choose from but I wanted a specific brand that was featured in their Labor Day sale. The salesman took me to the brand that I wanted and let me choose between the two that I wanted to see. He didn’t try to up sale me or add anything extra or hover. He was very knowledgeable about the.brand and answered a couple of questions that I had and then I paid for the item. It was the easiest and quickest experience I’ve ever had dealing with a salesperson! The delivery went just as smooth and quick. The gentleman were professional and polite. They called to say they would be there in 40 minutes within the timeframe I was given and they unwrapped the mattress, placed it on the box springs and took the old mattress out without any issues. This is a great business model that’s straightforward, efficient and transparent. I will definitely do business with this team again!

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